What We Do

What We Do
Kaeme works to place orphanage-housed children into a home, offering more children the chance to grow up in a loving family.

Building child profiles

Kaeme partners with the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) to canvas orphanages across Ghana, scouring records, talking with caregivers, and interviewing children to create a profile on the child’s history, health, and family.
The information contained in these profiles allows the partners to thoughtfully match each child with an appropriate loving family. Our goal is always to reunite children with their own family members whenever possible.

Building families

Upon completion of profiling, Kaeme hosts a Child Care Conference with DSW social workers to create a care plan for each child. Placing each child with their own family members is a priority.
Kaeme staff conduct a home assessment to ensure that it is a safe, loving place. A staff psychologist works with the family and the child to prepare them for the transition. When the child is reintegrated with their family, a community mentor is also invited to assist the family with any minor difficulties.
They receive a reunification package (containing items such as a bed mattress, mosquito net, cooking oil, doll/soccer ball, and more) to ease the transition. If necessary, Kaeme provides tuition and/or nutritional support to the child and family.