A Message from PK! My experience in Ghana so far has been a challenging and learning one. My patience is tested everyday but I know the importance of the work and that makes all the struggles fade away.  I have visited four orphanages in the two months that I’ve been here. Each orphanage seems to […]

A message from PK!

Our team recently met a 6-year-old boy named “B. “B was born with hypospadias, and was abandoned by his family. He spent his first years of life in an orphanage. B was self-conscious about the physical difference between himself and other boys his age. This might have caused him to be a bit more reserved than his […]

“B” Needed Surgery

This post is brought to us by Rachel. Every morning I wake up to the salient crow of a rooster, and I find it much more efficient than the morning alarm clock on my phone. I mean, there is no way to snooze or muffle it, is there? So each day here is started with […]

To Remember, To Advocate

This week’s post comes to us from Larry. The past few weeks have been very great for me. I’ve met new and wonderful people from other parts of the world, whom are like family to me now. Interning with Kaeme has brought so much joy and light into my life. Although I knew of Kaeme […]

“Mummy see my friend!”

This week’s blog post comes to us from Jasmin I landed in Accra on June 18th, a wide eyed girl ready to see what another country had to offer, the first country I had ever been to. I stepped out of the airport to a road I had never seen before and people I had […]

Simply Happy

This week’s blog post comes to us from Team Leader Emily Silva. We went to our first orphanage yesterday and today. Our new driver Seth has mastered the art of backing up a van full of people up the steep embankment of the dirt hill there…I’m quite proud of him. We lugged our supplies into […]

First Orphanage

Wow, where has the time gone?! I can’t believe its almost been 8 weeks! With the conclusion of this amazing trip quickly coming to an end, I can’t help but to reflect on how blessed we have been to be part of such an incredible experience. I have had the most amazing experiences being back […]

Final Chapter

This blog post comes to us courtesy of intern Alan Propp. What a whirlwind of a week it’s been so far. After around a month, we said a sad farewell to Tony’s Lodge and Sunyani, and greeted the bustling city of Kumasi, in the heart of the Asante Region. The change has been relatively dramatic, […]


This week’s blog post is brought to us by intern Hailey Juszczak I rub my feet in the sand; my wrinkled toes breathe in the sticky air, finally free from the sweat traps we call Toms™. The giant waves tower above our bodies at 10 feet, but we run towards them childishly. Pummeled and pummeled […]

Coastal Living

On Tuesday, we finished up our work at New Life Orphanage and headed over to Kumasi Children’s Home. In a previous trip, the interns had visited the home and did all the necessary work for the profiling of all the children. However, this orphanage resides in the heart of the city and receives new cases […]

Medaase, Ashanti Region!