“B” Needed Surgery

Our team recently met a 6-year-old boy named “B.

“B was born with hypospadias, and was abandoned by his family. He spent his first years of life in an orphanage. B was self-conscious about the physical difference between himself and other boys his age. This might have caused him to be a bit more reserved than his natural inclination. He didn’t appear to talk or smile very much. When our team met B and were alerted to his condition, he went to a specialist and we learned he needed surgery. 

Kaeme staff accompanied B to a major medical center for the operation. On the first try, the poor little guy was put under, but an issue was discovered with the oxygen tank and the operation was aborted. Luckily, the next day everything went according to plan.  

And B is a new boy! Bright, energetic and outgoing, he charmed the medical staff during his recovery. As soon as Ghana’s Adoption Steering Committee reconvenes, we hope they will be able to prioritize B and help him find a forever family.

Reminder that names and pictures are always changed to protect the privacy of these vulnerable children