“Mummy see my friend!”

This week’s post comes to us from Larry.

The past few weeks have been very great for me. I’ve met new and wonderful people from other parts of the world, whom are like family to me now. Interning with Kaeme has brought so much joy and light into my life. Although I knew of Kaeme several years ago, I didn’t know what this whole thing was about until I actually started to work here. Some of the stories of the children in the orphanages are so pathetic and would make one sad upon hearing them. Nevertheless, the smiles on their faces when we start to play with them or especially when they see the “obronis” (white people) is just priceless. I’ve learnt to appreciate life better and always see things from the positive side.


One experience I will never forget was when one girl from one orphanage held my hand and as I followed her, she shouted ‘ Mummy, mummy see my friend’! So she took me to the ‘house mother’/ the director in charge of the orphanage and I just couldn’t hold back the smiles and the laughter she put on my face. She later offered to give me some of her snacks because I was her new friend. My heart broke that day when it was time for us to leave as I saw my new friend cry. It was the sweetest yet saddest thing that happened to me. These children are full of so much energy and life it’s always sad to know how they ended up in the orphanages. I guess we have no control of certain things in life.


To cut things short, interning with Kaeme has been my best vacation and working experience ever because I’ve learnt a whole lot of things in the professional world and in life in general. I want to say God bless the founders of Kaeme and whoever is funding it.